Beer Five, Week Five: Transatlantic Overdrive, Fourpure Brewing/Bear Republic

Three of us popped in to the Three Johns for the launch of this new beer collaboration from Fourpure, just before popping up the road to see the Phantom Band.  The place was packed to the rafters, with a scrum instead of a bar.

This was a clean, light, golden coloured IPA. It had a medium-crisp, fresh taste with moderate carbonation that would have gone so well with the pizzas I saw others eating at nearby tables, the lucky sods.  There were hints of pine, malted biscuit and orange pith.  I was kind of expecting one of those in your face American IPAs but nope, this was a good transatlantic balance.  I’d have liked some of this in the summer in a park, shame it’s not going to be around for long!


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