Film Fifteen, Week Fifteen: While We’re Young

I really enjoyed the first half of this film, While We’re Young.  Really, truly. Ben and Naomi’s acting is terrific, and did send me into a little tailspin about my unfulfilled potential (oh god, please don’t let me be like their characters).  I also thing Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver are perfect as entitled millennials. But gosh, I keep on trying to remember how it finished and my mind sort of drifts over it.  I am sure it was worthy and all that, but nope, nothing stuck.  The end.

(Postscript: what, wait, am I a millennial? That’s the new name for Generation Y?  I assumed I was a Generation Y but apparently I am from Generation X. But I don’t feel like Generation X. But then I am so totally not a freaking millennial. Harumph.)


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