Beer Four, Week Four: Wild Beer’s Somerset Wild Saison

I’d spent the evening wandering around Soho, gorging myself on lovely Thai food at Rosa’s. Walking back towards Holborn, I wandered into the Craft Beer Co fancying something sharp to reset my taste buds.  And I found that in this beer from Wild Beer.  This is possible the sourest beer I have ever tasted, judging by the laughter at the faces I was making after every sip.

As a kid I always refused those sour sweets, because I disliked them. White wine never agrees with me. I also don’t really like cider much, but beers like this are making me rethink and retry things I’ve previously dismissed.

The Wild Beer website recommends eating this with fish, which makes sense – I am going to get some of this and try it in the summer with some fish straight off the BBQ.  I reckon it will work brilliantly.


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